According to frontman "Fat Mike" Burkett, the band moved to their homeland of L.A. I will play my final show.

Rolling Stone reviews that the frontman by chance broke the information to a fan in an Instagram remark about when the band deliberate to tour Canada on Thursday. 

As of press time, the band itself has no longer made any reliable affirmation of any pending splits. 

While the California-based punk rockers started their profession in 1983 as NO-FX 

He has for the reason that racked up 14 studio albums and 17 EPs - 5 years earlier than the launch of his 1988 debut album Liberal Animation. 

The band's most latest release, the 2021 single, reached wide variety 7 on Billboard's Top Albums Sales chart as properly as wide variety 29 on the Top Rock Albums tally. 

The bassist stated of the tune in an interview with Rolling Stone, "I have a newfound admire for hip-hop. 

I am fifty five years historic and I get to do new things. No count how top the NOFX report is, who cares?