Most of us are accustomed to thinking of Jupiter as an orange-brown hue, given its distinctive color features such as the Great Red Spot.

NASA shared one such photo A recent image of Jupiter shows the planet in a different color palette

The planet's clouds are shown in this picture in two different formats.

Jupiter is a saturated version showing the details of cloud formations in vivid dunes and greens.

These images were created from data taken by NASA's Juno spacecraft

These images were processed by citizen scientist Björn Jonsson, an amateur image processor who shares his work with the public.

Converting observations from spacecraft or telescopes into an image is an elaborate process that requires a number of specialized decisions about color, contrast, and balance.

It is possible to process the image so that we can get closer to that object individually, if we travel to the object

In the more saturated image, you can see the features of Jupiter's atmosphere