Victor Mineros, a longtime Teamsters Local 396 trade representative and organizer, is the union's new secretary-treasurer.

When Ron Herrera announced his retirement last week after nearly two decades at the local level.

स्थानीय 396 के कार्यकारी बोर्ड ने मिनरोस को मौजूदा तीन साल के कार्यकाल के लिए मतदान किया

When Herrera shared his decision to retire on 31 August in a letter to the membership.

The former secretary-treasurer had served in the position since 2003, helping to pave the way for a better life for thousands of essential workers through a Teamster contract.

Mineros began his career as a rank-and-file UPS Teamster, participating in the 1997 UPS Strike.

He then became an organizer and business agent for Local 396, representing members at UPS and Sanitation.

Teamsters General President Sean M. O'Brien recently selected him to serve as Assistant Director of the Teamsters Package Division for the Western Region.

The transition to Local 396 occurs in the middle of the 2023 UPS contract campaign, which began on 1 August.